Intermil Un
Interflour Turkey – Intermil Un is located in Ankara-Turkey. We have a processing capacity of 400 tons of wheat per day or the equivalent to over 100,000 tons of flour per year.
Our extensive network of distributors and wholesalers enables us to fulfil any order size for small to medium size users as well as for the Big Customers (Institutional Users) who are attended to our dedicated Institutional Team. Additionally, we are happy to customize our products to our customer's specifications. Forward pricing commitments with confirmed delivery dates are part of the contract offered through our Sales Department and the deliveries are made on door-to-door basis.
Our long established and well recognized brands, Kanarya and Marti are available in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bolu, and Karabuk .
Besides the domestic market , we export to Singapore, Philippines, ThailandIndonesia, Middle East and African Market.